Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a christmas eve story

Life has become quite different living back in the US and with the addition of two babies. Not sure how I'm coping though I don't really have much time to think about it. So much to be done around the house. Now instead of planning our next trip, it is more planning what needs to be done around the house... BLAH!!!

Anyway, our Christmas Eve went something like this-----

A miracle occurred. Every one of us got a shower/bath - that's never happened before (that we are all clean the same day). I get a shower two times a week, so this was a serious feat we pulled off. It only took all day to get it done. Took about 3 hours for me to make deviled eggs - unassisted - from start to finish. But the fun part was when we went to church. Mon petit fee was going to sing with the Cherub choir. The porcellino had taken him to Sunday School the last couple weeks just for this. We all pile in the car after trying to take a family photo by the Christmas tree - two are attached (can you see a difference between the two???). Mon petit fee and one baby were crying. Mon petit fee because he didn't get a nap so was a bit grouchy and baby, because, well, he was hungry, no surprise there. We get there and get a seat no problem. Service starts and mon petit fee has to go pee. Doesn't come back until the Cherub choir (the one he is supposed to be in) is singing their second song. I'm fiddling with the video camera as I'm nursing jumeau A, but can't see sitting down so we miss that part. About five minutes later, jumeau A poops his pants. So I take him and mon petit fee to find a bathroom or someplace to change him. He did not just poop, he exploded and poop was everywhere. On his cloths and diaper cover. So I have to totally undress him and put on another diaper (cloth) without a diaper cover and NO cloths. We get back and I just have jumeau A draped in a blanket. I normally bring an extra set of cloths, but this was only a 40 minute service, 5 minute drive each way, and we already had my backpack, sling, cameras, diaper bag, two babies and a toddler, so of course I didn't bring an extra set of cloths. We get back to the service and jumeau B wakes up and starts crying. The porcellino takes him out and it's just mon petit fee, jumeau A (who is back to nursing) and me sitting in the pew. I am not shy anymore about nursing in public - when babies are hungry, they've got to eat. But I am good about covering up, except I noticed that I was left a bit exposed out as jumeau A pulled off. Oops! The porcellino comes back with jumeau B asleep again (whew!) and then takes jumeau B and mon petit fee to the front to get their star for baby Jesus. Then we do the candle thing and are outta there. On leaving the parking lot, we pulled away and saw my shoe in the parking spot. It had fallen off when I was getting in the car. We managed to see a few Christmas lights on the way home and made it home with me only having to stick my finger in one baby's mouth - it's a five minute drive. But it was a good evening all in all, not too eventful, except that we missed YOU!

So, here's to a wonderful Christmas. I'll be thinking of you as we drink some (hopefully spiked!) eggnog, open presents, make pancakes, and change poopy diapers! JOY