Friday, November 14, 2008


I have a new definition of tired. Caring full time for twins and a three year old is very easy and very hard. The tasks are easy. Doing them all at the same time day after day after day after day, night after night after night after night - that's the hard part. The first week was really tough with a few sleepless nights. And by that I mean no sleep from 11:00 pm - 4:00 am. The second week was far easier, and by the end of it, we even made it 10 minutes down the road to the park. Our first outing we only got as far as the car. Jumeau gauche pooped on the way to the car, so while I changed him in the car the porcellino strapped the other two in. But when it came time to strap in jumeau gauche, I saw that the car seats were not installed properly, as les deux jumeaux were crying, so we went back inside. Take two and made out the next day.

The porcellino went back to work the third week so I was on my own. That wasn't so bad and now six weeks later, I have made it out on my own (with the three in tow of course) several times now. People are "amazed" and I can see why, but for me, this is a must for my sanity! I am not shy (but discrete) about breastfeeding in stores. It's a must if I am going to see something other than the inside of my home. Having nursed mon petit fee for 3 years and now these two, it's not so horrific for me to do so in public. I used to be so worried about what people would think and didn't want to offend anyone. But now it's all about feeding/taking care of the needs of my babies. I do my best to make it look like I'm just holding one so I don't garner attention, though with twins, I have come to realize that I will be getting so much (unwanted) attention for the rest of our lives! I know that I have seemed rude to a few people, but seriously, I was just tired and needed a little fresh air/time out of the house. I didn't feel like playing 20 questions. Just a few minutes without entertaining please!!! If you see a mother of twins and you want to strike up a conversation, offer her some food first! At least that's what I would prefer. The only things I can cook these days are crock pot recipes I can make in the morning, leftovers, freezer food, and pasta. And now that I am nursing two, I feel hungrier than when I was pregnant with them. Jumeau gauche gained three pounds in one month, and jumeau droite gained 1.5. Apparently one pound a month is good, so we're doing great! And now jumeau gauche who was the smaller twin at 6 lbs 4 ounces is now at six weeks, 11 pounds! Not sure how much jumeau droite weighs now - he was not weighed at the last visit. Actually jumeau gauche had an echocardiogram done because he had a heart murmur (all is normal, but they just wanted to be sure) so that's why we know how much he weighs.

Anyway, for the next few years I forsee lots of poo, pee and vomit I will be cleaning up. What a bright future! No, I am very happy to have my beautiful children. They are my joy, the meaning of my life, the absolute best part of me. And next blog maybe I'll have more info on going diaperless. Now we're using cloth diapers. More economical and better for the environment. But I am going to try to have les jumeaux out of diapers by 4 months. It's definitely possible. Think about how other cultures who don't have diapers do it. And what humans have done for centuries. What an adventure this will be! yeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Ok, one tired mama is also hungry. It's bagel time.