Thursday, October 11, 2007

THE computer place in Paris

We have had numerous computer issues while living here so we've had to find a place to take our computer to. But because we moved last year about an hour from where we lived before, I thought I'd try to find a place closer to here. There is a great place close to our apartment and I figured I'd give them a shot. The motherboard in our Sony Vaio was shot and needed to be replaced. I took it in and they told me that it was not possible for them to fix. I would have to call SONY and get them to fix it. Not only that, it would cost a minimum of 700 euros though would definitely be more.

So I decided to take it back to our place in the 18eme arrondisement of Paris, where we used to live. It is two metro rides away, about 25 stops or something like that. It is a Japanese run place so they are very efficient, fast, reliable, and extremely good at what they do. It took them a week to get to it, but then they fixed it in a day. The cost - 195 euros!!!!! So for anyone living in Paris, THE place to go to get any computer issue repaired is called: LITEC in the 18th off of rue Marcadet by metro Lamark (line 10) or Guy Moquet (line 13).