Tuesday, February 5, 2008


These are my favorite flowers of all time. If anyone asks... They are called: renoncule.

I learned that today (after living here 4.5 years!) at the market. I love the flower man. He's always so jovial I wonder if he's really French. Maybe one day I will ask him. He gave mon petit fee a rose and then proceeded to tell me he was Rambo. Where that came from I don't know. "Where's my knive, where's my knife" he kept saying. Good golly. Definitely was a good laugh though, that's for sure. He was so kind to write down the name of this flower for me so I just had to take a photo of it. Even the color has to be my favorite, too. And at only six euro a bouquet, I can afford them weekly!

And I need all the cheer I can get as I am in need of a little sensual stimulus (not sexual - something to stimulate my senses, because Paris doesn't do it anymore - been there, done that, seen it. Ok that's not really accurate as there are many things I still enjoy, but the honeymoon is over). These days I leave the tea pot on for so long, all the water boils out of it. Or I put the tea pot on the stove and forget to turn the stove on. I had some raw milk that was going to expire the next day so I thought I'd be clever and make a delicious custard out of it only to forget that I had put it in the oven. "That's what timers are for" you say?!?! Well smarty pants, I did set the timer, listened to to it buzz and then just went about my evening like la de da. Is this mommy brain? I need another good long sniff of those flowers.