Thursday, August 16, 2007

where is everyone?

It's still bizarre to me that everyone in Paris leaves at the same time for vacation. The place is desserted of Frenchies. Plenty of tourists in the tourist zones, but in the residental areas, it's so quiet it's erie. On my street, there are six restaurants, three brasseries, and one tea room (among some other stores). The tea room is open, one of the restaurants is open (the Japanese one) and one of the brasseries is open. All the others are closed for at least a week, some for two or three! This is not uncommon. Everyone has to do everything the same way and at the same time. It's quite annoying. I need to get my computer fixed and the place we take it to is closed the whole month of August. They are the best/best priced in Paris (run by Japanese!) so of course we have to go there. They don't open again until Sept 1 and my warranty runs out in Sept. Hopefully they can fix it in time.