Wednesday, April 25, 2007

pre-meditated passing

l did a horrible thing today. On my way home from the pharmacy, l saw a man walking with two canes, one in each hand, while carrying three grocery bags full of groceries - milk, butter, not just fluff stuff. l passed carefully, but l passed none the less all the while thinking that l should help the poor man. lt was not the first time l had seen him either. Once when we were on our way to a playdate, he stopped me just to tell me how beautiful my little boy was. And then he proceeded to tell me where my darling got his beauty from - me. Did l mention this man was old, so surely his eyesight wasn't up to snuff. Anyway, that day l had stayed to talk with him even though l was already late. lt was nice to have a conversation with someone even though l could only understand about half of it. People in Paris are not really very friendly and the fact that this sweet man went out of his way to talk to me was like getting Brad Pitt's autograph. Well, this is the sweet man l passed. Though in my own defense, l was walking the tooter while pushing mon petit fee in the stroller with one hand. l had smashed my thumb in the door the day before and it was STILL throbbing. And well, I am shy. I don't know. Maybe I would have insulted him by offering to help. Lame. I suppose if I had smashed both thumbs in the door leaving me to push the stroller with my teeth, then I could be exhonorated from this pre-meditated passing.